Glossary – English to French

Glossary of useful words and phrases in French and English for vegetarians, vegans and coeliacs.

BBeans: Haricots
Buckwheat: Sarrasin
CCeoliac: Coeliaque
Cheese: Fromage
Chick peas: Pois chiches
DDairy products: Produits laitiers
EEgg: Oeuf
FFish: Poisson
Flour (wholemeal): Farine Noir
Gelatine: Gélatine
MMeat: Viande
Milk: Lait
OOrganic: Bio
RRennet: Présure
Rennet - microbial-derived: Présure de synthése
Rennet - plant-based: Présure végétale
SSeafood: Fruits de mer
Soy: Soja
TTextured Vegetable Protein (TVP): Protéines végétales texturisées
VVegan: Vegetalienne (f), Vegetalien (m)
Vegetarian: Vegetarienne (f), Vegetarien (m)
WWheat: Blé

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