Glossary – French to English

Glossary of useful words and phrases in French and English for vegetarians, vegans and coeliacs.

AAgneau: Lamb
Anchois: Anchovies
BBifteck: Steak
Bio: Organic
Blé: Wheat
CCoeliaque: Ceoliac
DDinde: Turkey
FFarine Noir: Flour (wholemeal)
Fromage: Cheese
Fruits de mer: Seafood
GGélatine: Gelatine
HHaricots: Beans
JJambon: Ham
LLait: Milk
Lapin: Rabbit
Lardons: Bacon pieces
Oeuf: Egg
PPois chiches: Chick peas
Poisson: Fish
Porc: Pork
Poulet: Chicken
Produits laitiers: Dairy products
Protéines végétales texturisées: Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP)
Présure: Rennet
Présure de synthése: Rennet - microbial-derived
Présure végétale: Rennet - plant-based
SSarrasin: Buckwheat
Saumon: Salmon
Soja: Soy
TThon: Tuna
VVeau: Veal
Vegetalien (m): Vegan
Vegetalienne (f): Vegan
Vegetarien (m): Vegetarian
Vegetarienne (f): Vegetarian
Viande: Meat
Volaille: Poultry

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